Randolph Street, Holly Springs, Mississippi

Ho, ho, ho, we're home to Holly Springs, Mississippi (with a tip of a Santa hat to Jan Karon) today.
This house was built in 1858 on Randolph Street, which for the rest of the post, I'll refer to as Rudolph Street.

I think the photographer may have had a little too much eggnog before he took these listing pictures.

I like the exterior, but would be tempted add just a little more detail, especially with landscaping, like one of its neighbors has:

As for the interior:

I was reminded of Southern designer Ashley Gilbreath's house:

Yes, scallops of garland and ribbon, and just all kinds of beautiful bedecking are the order of the day.

Going in to the dining room:

More garland, and don't you just love the packages tucked into the chairs?

{House to Home UK}

As for the cute and cozy kitchen,

Ashley's had some experience in that department:

{Ashley Gilbreath}

There's nothing like a four poster bed to make you feel cocooned in comfort:

Unless you take that cocoon idea and run with it:

This room is definitely all set for a cozy long winter's nap.

Outside, open to the dining room, is a little courtyard patio:

The planter box just needs a little spruce-ing (get it?)

5th and state: Winter Containers......Ideas for DIY:

That wraps up our house hop to Holly Springs.  Speaking of wrapping, I'd better hop to it!

Watercolor Holly Topper: Polka dot paper, ribbon, colored papers, watercolor pencils, crepe paper, floral wire & tape:

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