Seaside Lane, Edisto Island, South Carolina

Thanks to blog friend Dee for her suggestion to read Karen White's books, we're off to Edisto Island, South Carolina, a setting featured in her novel The Time Between.

When I picture the houses on Edisto Island, I pretty much imagine them just like this one we're decorating today.  It was built in 2015, and as the listing says, "is the perfect balance between close proximity to the beach and the privacy of 3/4 of an acre." 

It has the requisite long, shady porch:

It needs the requisite relaxing black rockers:


It has the plentiful tall windows and pretty hardwood floors:

And we'll add the plentiful seating and pretty colors:


Here's a better view of that seating area:

I like those side chairs, but I can just see little kids enjoying poking their fingers through the holes, especially when someone's sitting there.

Back to the house, it has a tiny but pretty little kitchen:

I would just update it a bit with new pendants and a range hood.  Wish there was room for that fabulous range, too!

{Cottages & Bungalows}

The kitchen might be tiny, but the bedrooms have space for all the essentials:

Are you picturing a soft, slightly coastal vibe?  Me too:

{West Elm}

And the same for bedroom 2:

This one has a nice ethereal quality:

{Jim Hawes/Caldwell-Beebe}

And for bedroom number 3:

It's slightly less ethereal, but slightly more happy:

{ESPM Vacation Rentals} 

Am I the only one who thinks the dressers are smiling?

Yep, this property ticks all the boxes for my Edisto Island imaginings, right down to the requisite Southern live oak tree:

Isn't it nice when places like these aren't just works of fiction?

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