Greenlawn Avenue, Findlay, Ohio

Despite how many Pinterest pins you have, is there one that remains your "favorite and your best"? (With all due credit to Lauren Child.)

I did a happy dance when I saw this blank slate of a sunroom, because it's a perfect candidate for one of my favoritist and bestest pins. (With apologies to my English teachers. Back in the day Mr. Omstead would have bopped me on the head with a marker for that.)

Here's how I would love to play with it:

Sigh. So simple and yet so pretty.

Our potentially pretty sunroom is in Findlay, Ohio. Findlay is notable for a number of things, beginning with its role as Fort Findlay during the War of 1812. Somewhat more recently, in 1960 Findlay was the only community in the world where touch-tone telephone service was available.

Findlay's Facebook page recently read, "Rain to continue later today. We are monitoring this closely."
That's good, although I think I'd be hanging out in that sunroom regardless of rain or shine.

The listing is here.

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