New Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania

You know that urge when you see a particularly pretty room on Zillow and you start mentally moving your furniture? I’m guessing you do. 

Introducing One Room Wonders -- just enough decorating to get your wheels turning.  
After all, summer's almost here and this is when you always start daydreaming about that lake house. 

Here's today's wonder:

Here's how I would decorate it:

Except over the fireplace I'd be tempted to place this:

Image result for painting of new hope pa
"The Bridge at New Hope," Daniel Garber, oil on canvas, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center

...because it depicts today's town, New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is so picturesque that it's a mecca for Impressionist painters. And yes, I'm trying to get you thinking about lake houses again.

Before you go, leave a comment sharing your favorite designer and/or fantasy lake house location. Help me post more often. (Joking. Mostly.) 

The listing for the house is here.

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