Park Road, Rogers, Arkansas (Mandy Moore's house twin)

Actress Mandy Moore's house was just featured by Architectural Digest and its envy-inducing interiors immediately created a buzz. I found its doppelganger on Trulia if you're looking for a sleek and stylish hotspot of your own. 

Here's the listing photo living room:

and here's how it would be furnished if it were Mandy's:

The dining room in the listing:

and Mandy's:

The master bedroom in the listing:

and Mandy's, complete with her cute pooches:

But wait, there are even more similarities, like these shelves in the listing house:

...and the book collection in this cozy alcove at Mandy's:

Even the kitchens share a sleek and clean design:

Our twin shares thoughtful design and architecture created to enhance its natural setting, but it's not in Pasadena like Mandy's. Our Hollywood-worthy views are in Rogers, Arkansas, a city with plenty of "warm nights and bright lights" of its own.


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