County Road 519, Sussex, New Jersey

I'm a little bit lazy. When I find a good candidate room for the blog I often think, "Wouldn't it be nice if the next house I looked at was the perfect inspiration for renovating it?"

And every once in a blue moon, that happens. (To be honest, it wasn't the next house I looked at, but it was in the same week. That still counts.)

Today's house is in Sussex, New Jersey, and yes, I was looking in Sussex when I was still in royal wedding mode earlier this summer.

In the royal purple house above is a royal purple kitchen:

Just about 5 hours up the Atlantic coast from Sussex our inspiration kitchen was waiting in Scituate, Massachusetts.

From royal purple to dramatic black. Actually, if it were mine, I'd probably use Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy for my drama instead, but you gotta love how the panorama print and the console pop against that wall.

They also get props for their more stylish mismatch of light fixtures than in the Sussex house.

For you fellow royal family fans, Sussex, New Jersey was named for the Sussex in England in 1902, the same year that King Edward VII was crowned. (Anyone surprised that my husband gave me The Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes when we were dating?)

The listing house is here.  The inspiration house is here. One is purple, one is blue, but both inspire decorating daydreams.

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