Dogwood Drive, Murphys, California

Quick quiz. Which state had a town originally named Murphy's New Diggings? Bonus points if you can also name the historical period that inspired the name. (Answer at the end of the post.)

That's where I spotted this cozy living room:

...that I initially paired with this happy living room:

(By the way, if you've never seen Kelley's work in magazines or on her blog, you're in for a treat.)

Fast forward a few years (and a few more unfinished drafts of blog posts) and Murphy's New Diggings seemed more relevant than ever, because in real life, this:

...has now become these new digs:

Instead of a dog on the mantel, there's a horse on the hearth. Black and white or bucket lamps? Clearly, if you love it, it works.

Murphy's New Diggings is the original name of the town Murphys, California. It was named by two brothers in the Gold Rush days. Today Murphys is known for its wine and food culture, which may make it Vicki's New Diggings. After all, it's only 6 hours away from me. Road trip, anyone?


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