24th Street, Tacoma, Washington

Yes, there is a house behind that magnificent tree. A cute 1927 Tudor house to be exact. And in that cute Tudor house is a sweet period fireplace in a sunny living room.

Any guesses where we are?  Could be in any number of cities, but for inspiration's sake, I'll guess Altadena, California and find our decorating plan:

A fun mix of traditional and contemporary, with colors inspired by the tree.

But the listing house isn't in Altadena. It's in Tacoma, Washington. Did you guess that? 

"Tacoma is a place for people unafraid to trek through the woods of Mount Rainier in the rain, fearless of breaking a sweat in the heat of the hot shop while blowing glass and resiliently tilling the soil that grows some of the world's best rhubarb." {traveltacoma.com}

Couldn't have described it better myself. That's why I didn't try. I don't know if most tourists go in for the soil-tilling, but you know, if that's your thing, then Tacoma's your place! 

Should you decide to trek, sweat, and till permanently, the house listing is here.


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