Eagle Lake Road, Pelican Lake, Wisconsin

Today's house boasts a second story view into a tucked away kitchen, near a front door with sidelights....

...which reminded me of another house with a tucked away kitchen near a front door with sidelights:

Even better, both houses are lake houses. Our listing home is in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin, pretty much smack dab between the actual lakes Eagle Lake and Pelican Lake. Pelican Lake is eutrophic (word of the day) which basically means you won't see your toes if you go wading there. You will, however, be able to catch a prize-winning muskie. 

If angling isn't your angle, you could always play a rousing game of snowshoe baseball. (Pretty much as funny as it sounds.)

Or, if you're like me, you get back to that house and get your decorating on. From this:

to this:

{Lauren Liess}

The listing is here. If you hurry and grab this retreat, you'll be there in time for the Pig in the Pines Ribfest and the Wooden Boat Parade. Pelican Lakers know how to have fun.

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