Hunting House Lane, Scituate, Rhode Island

Isn't today's street name perfect? I was destined to find blog material there.

This home has been the answer for house hunters for many years. Built in 1781, the house is named Hideaway. No surprise then, that it has a bedroom like this one:

Let's just make that hideaway a little more so:

Our inspiration comes from The Cobbler Shop on Concord's lovely Instagram account- well worth the visit!

Our hideaway is here, in Scituate, Rhode Island. Scituate was settled in 1710 by emigrants from Scituate, Massachusetts. (I wondered about that connection. Alert readers will note I visited the one in MA here.) The name comes from an Indian word meaning "cold brook". In Rhode Island, that cold brook may well refer to the Scituate Reservoir, the state's largest inland body of water.

The town provides a coloring book of its notable sites, but it forgot to include Hideaway. Here you go, Scituate:

Hope you sharpened your red crayons!

P.S. Reading October's Country Living magazine, I gasped so loudly my husband thought I hurt myself. I guess Hunting House Lane was destined for magazine material in addition to blog material.
What are the odds?

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