Bisham Manor, LaGrange, Georgia

Happy Halloween! I'm writing a bonus post this week inspired by the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House. Spooky shows usually send me scurrying in the opposite direction, but this house leaped out at me and wanted to be featured.

While scouting for a "castle-like structure or home," the producers came across Bisham Manor in LaGrange, Georgia.


BISHAM MANOR ESTATE; 1920's English Tudor-Style Home "compares to an English castle w/a medieval flavor & Tudor influences" re-constructed from 1997-2002 by Ben Parham, master-builder. Occupied by owner/family, it is an "event center" for corporate meetings, dinners, weddings, etc. This magnificent estate has 4 full floors surrounded by multiple gardens and borders West Point Lake. {source}

It has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and is 9,492 square feet. If you ask me, it looks like they could have squeezed more bedrooms in there, but we can look at what they do have:

Which in the mini-series (filmed on a sound stage) looks like this:

 See if you can guess which of the following rooms are from the show versus the actual manor:    

Too bad the Hill House Hauntings didn't include a scene up here among the turret tops!

Besides Bisham Manor/Hill House,  LaGrange, Georgia is also home to this "If It Were Mine" house:

It's on Hidden Branches Lane, which seems apropos for Halloween. It's those hidden branches that always get ya, but this dining room caught me instead:

The pretty decorating made me think of one of my favorite designers who still "do pretty": I created a quick mash-up:

No monsters in my mash-up-- I left those at Hill House. While I watched it through my fingers and distracted myself from the creepy parts with real estate listings. 

Bisham Manor is currently not for sale, but there are listing photos here.
The Hidden Branches Lane house listing is here.

Joining the fun at:  Wow Us Wednesdays.

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