Glenwolde Park, Tarrytown, New York

How about a little "boo and white" for Halloween? I found this pretty living room near Sleepy Hollow, New York.

We don't really need to change anything; let's just decorate the top of the coffee table all fancy:

{Mark D. Sikes}

Well, ok, let's get a little wow over the fireplace too:

{Mark D. Sikes}

Finally, since it is Halloween, we better add some of these as well:

Our listing house is in Tarrytown, New York, adjacent to Sleepy Hollow, and home of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washington Irving. Sleepy Hollow became a village in its own right in 1996 when North Tarrytown residents voted to formally change the area's name.

History buffs might remember Tarrytown was where British Major John André was arrested as a spy during the Revolutionary War, which exposed Benedict Arnold as a traitor. 

Turn: Washington's Spies fans might remember buff Major André

{not Tom Hiddleston, it's JJ Feild}

If you're looking for a Tarrytown Tudor treat, the listing is here.

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