Indian Springs Road, McMinnville, Tennessee

Along the Eastern Highland Rim on the high terrain of the Cumberland Plateau, surrounded by the orchards of McMinnville, Tennessee, lies Indian Springs Farm. 

The drive to the house is lined with 84 Bradford pear trees, with nearby peach and nectarine groves. Wildlife include deer, turkey, geese, boar, and the occasional mountain lion. 

Given all that, can't you just picture the house at the end of the drive? Substantial, welcoming, warm and solid. Maybe surrounded in flowers, befitting McMinnville's reputation as Nursery Capital of the World.

Is this close to what you were picturing?

Maybe just a little more rugged?

I darkened the porch skirt color to make the house feel more substantial and grounded (and disguise the crawl space vents). Wood doors and trim give the house a sense of age. Taking a cue from the surroundings, the porch skirt color is Benjamin Moore Graphite and the (fewer, chunkier) columns and trim are in Woodacres.

Paint colors and the Nursery Capital of the World. Come back next week to see another connection between those two and why I started browsing in McMinnville in the first place.

The listing is here, if you want to do a little browsing of your own.

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