Saint Maron Boulevard, Avon, Ohio

The year was 1995.

I was a newlywed, new to California, and newly settled in a tiny, funky, triangular-shaped apartment. Sitting on my new ticking-striped couch (purchased with wedding gift money), I turned on the TV.

I had a design revelation, and it wasn't about how my hunter green and burgundy decorating went with the apartment's light blue carpet. It was HGTV.

HGTV was about 8 months old then, and the very first show that it ran was Room by Room 

Like many of you, I was soon hooked on the show, and couldn't wait until "Design Time Saturday Night" for my Matt and Shari fix. They were informative and inspiring and just plain fun to watch. (Still inspiring today-- see Shari's recent condo project on their website.)

In 1998 they decorated a "dream house" and each week a new room in the house was revealed. One of the dream house's most memorable features was the distinctive floor in the foyer, dining room and hall. It's still there today, striking and very recognizable:

Directly off the foyer is the living room-- shown today--obviously not how Shari left it! (Except for the drapes.)

This is how Shari left it:

I remember I loved the deep plum color under the chair rail and the 4 angled club chairs. 

Twenty years later, I see it being updated to look like this:

{Kay Douglas}

 I even kept Shari's "patented furniture angle" and her round mirror.

The house sold earlier this year, but here is the listing link.

Twenty years ago the "Design Time Saturday Night" lineup was:
Kitty Bartholomew, Decorating Cents, Room by Room, Room for Change, and Interiors by Design.

This Saturday the lineup is:
House Hunters International, House Hunters, Love It or List It, Love It or List It, and House Hunters Renovation.

Maybe twenty years from now I'll have a post about one of those houses. I'll be inspired by the whiny couple who hated their granite countertops or something. You just never know.

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