Cajacet, Shore Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island

This is the story of the house with two libraries. Cajacet, built in 1690, is cited as the oldest house in Jamestown, Rhode Island. It was built by Captain Thomas Paine (but not Common Sense writer Thomas Paine). Legend has it that Captain Kidd asked Captain Paine to hide some treasure there in 1699. That treasure was never seen again....

Except, maybe it was. Another story from the 1950's tells of workmen who, after digging in the yard, disappeared from the island the very next day, leaving behind one gold coin.

With a tale like that, it's only fitting that Cajacet has so much space devoted to stories. Here is library number one:

And though it seems very cheeky of me to suggest redecorating it, here's my "if it were mine" take:

{Timothy Whealon}

 It just seems cozier to have the bookcases and walls all the same color.  Speaking of color, here is library number two:

...And my redecoration inspiration:

{source unknown}

And, just because it makes me happy to see both suggestions working together:

The only problem with two would be deciding which library to curl up in!

Cajacet is itself a treasure, the sort of house that makes you squeal when you stumble upon it in the real estate listings. I'd love to make this one mine. Anyone care to go in on it with me? We could each get our own library.

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