Magness House, Sparta Street, McMinnville, Tennessee

What's on my dream home wish list? A great location, a sunny kitchen... oh, and one of the rooms should have a stained glass ceiling.

This beauty stopped me in my tracks, and I knew I couldn't leave McMinnville, Tennessee without sharing it with you. (See my previous McMinnville posts here and here.) This is Magness House- a circa 1835 Greek Revival mansion, originally named Oakham for -you guessed it- the huge oak trees on the property.

 Magness House became an antique center in the 1980's, which gives us some idea how to furnish such a grand room: does this more recent project by Kirill Istomin:

I love the idea of echoing the soft greens and other colors in the stained glass throughout the room.

From the grand to the simpler, Kirill gives us inspiration for this kitchen nook as well:

First, by painting the cabinetry to blend with walls (and accessorizing with beautiful antiques)...

...then tucking a cozy table between the windows:

The listing is here, with more information on the Magness House Facebook page, in case your dream house wish list includes stained glass ceilings too.

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