College Boulevard, Olathe, Kansas

Olathe, Kansas was recently named one of the top two most livable mid-size American cities, and they have had a surge of newly built houses to match their growth in home values. The home I'm featuring today is one of the oldest on the market-- it was built in 1983.

Older homes (I hate calling 1983 "older") often have more personality than newer ones, and I found that to be true of this space. It must be Mom's time-out corner-- a getaway place to sneak the good candy that you hide from the kids. Either that or it's for a kid who could benefit from quiet time contemplating just what doors those giant keys would open.

Honestly, if it were mine I'd be tearing down some walls-- I assume that's just a closet jutting out by the keys-- to make one big entry. Open it up to that first front door. The front-front door.

Or, if we decide to keep the airlock entry, the time-out corner can become the organization corner:

{Vivid Interior Design}

The kids will think there are mittens stored in those baskets. You'll know better.

Then I had some fun thinking about what else a Mom's time-out corner could be. An entomology/herb study retreat (for your inner Joanna Gaines):

{source unknown}

{source unknown}

How about a mini coffee bar retreat?

{Holly Mathis}

Or we could keep it close to how we found it-- a place for quiet contemplation:


Olathe (O lay' tha), on the wild-flower covered Kansas prairie, got its name from the Shawnee Indian word for beautiful.  In frontier days, trails were an important, income-generating part of Olathe. It was a stop on the Oregon, California, and Santa Fe Trails. The Mahaffie House, which once sold travelers supplies, is still there as an activity filled historic site.  Soon they'll be celebrating an 1860's Christmas.

Trails are still important to Olathe, starting in the 1950's when I-35 linked it to Kansas City. Since then Olathe has only continued to grow. And build new houses. 

Our "old" house listing is here.

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