Evalyn Drive, Winter Haven, Florida

From front to back, this 1925 Winter Haven, Florida home is a showstopper. Wait...I'll prove it.

See? It's as pretty as a watercolored picture.

It's also the perfect home for holiday entertaining, starting with this spacious living room:

Ok, wait. I'm sure it looks better in person, but those blue walls are throwing me. Let's try this:

Glidden Khaki Bronze
Hmm, it's a little blah. How about this?

Glidden Grey Tabby (for my gray tabby, Dewey)

Because that gets us closer to this:

Don't you just want to curl up on that velvet sofa? This room also has the two separate seating arrangements that the floor pattern of our listing house suggests.

Now let's make sure our party guests know they've arrived at the right house.

Winter Haven, Florida was originally known as Harris Corners, named for the first mercantile there. Somehow, though, "Harris Corners" just doesn't convey the winter beauty and outdoor recreation of this:

{Cypress Gardens}

...or this:

{Legoland, source}

...and of course, the charm of a 1925 Mediterranean-style home that's definitely a Winter Holiday Haven.

The listing is here.

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