Sleigh Ride Road, Saint James, Missouri

'Tis the week before Christmas and Santa's workshop is looking a little untidy:

All is calm, Santa. Just keep repeating that, and meanwhile the elves can scurry around to fix it:

{Ballard Designs, with a little festive fluffing by yours truly}

Don't tell the kids, but Santa's workshop is apparently in Saint James, Missouri. Saint James used to be known as Big Prairie, which certainly rings true when you're traveling near it.

We're heading home for the holidays and our sleigh ride route will be taking us past Saint James. I'll be thinking of those workshop elves because my to-do list still looks like the before picture.

Here's to resting our glasses on the desk, turning off our screen, and leaving our clean and organized office peaceful and still for awhile. Wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed holiday!

The listing is here.

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