Kate and Pippa Middleton's Old Flat, Old Church Street, Chelsea, London

Kate and Pippa Middleton's Old Church Street flat 

A good name for this post might be "If It Were (still) Kate's." Let's peek inside the London flat shared by Kate and Pippa Middleton before Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Not bad for two young girls on their own, if this is how it looked when they lived there. Somehow, though, I imagined it looking a little bit more like another Chelsea flat:

I imagine that Kate would like English florals and pretty touches, judging by the curtains and chair in these photos she took in her Anmer Hall home. (Not to mention the sweet Liberty prints on Princess Charlotte's dresses.) 

Instead of picturing Kate living here...

...I like to imagine it all being a bit more Duchess-to-be:

{Lavinia Bolton}

...because of course a Duchess would have a dressing table. It goes without saying.

Now that their children are settled, Michael and Carole Middleton have put the Chelsea flat on the market. Chelsea is notable for flowers, football, fashion, and famous residents. One of those famous residents, Thomas Carlyle, said that Chelsea was "a singular heterogeneous kind of spot, very dirty and confused in some places, quite beautiful in others, abounding in antiquities and traces of great men." {source}

Traces of great women, too. The listing is here, but a much more fun read is here.

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