São Paulo, Brazil

I'm on a roll, people. International real estate listings are my January jam. My taste today is running toward fancy floors. This 3 bedroom high-rise apartment in São Paulo, Brazil features inlaid hardwoods and Calacatta Macchia Oro marble floors.

It was designed by Roberto Migotto Architecture and Interiors, and his portfolio gave me an idea how to furnish the living room. You know, if it were mine.

That curved sofa and mirror = pretty, pretty, pretty.

But then I took a second look at the blank living room...

...and realized the room really needed light and fancy drapes and a little over-the-top-ness.

I'm digging how the rug pattern would play with the floor pattern.

The listing only provides the address by request, but it does include a map which highlights Sao Paulo's reputation as a cultural center with many galleries, museums, parks, and of course, the Beco do Batman.

What the heck is the Beco do Batman? It's Batman Alley, a nickname for an area in the Vila Madalena neighborhood which has become famous for its elaborate graffiti, or street art, depending on your perspective.  Like Batman, it has an origin story -- in its case it started with an image of Batman. 

The listing is here. Full disclosure- it didn't provide any exterior photos, so I used another Migotto São Paulo project photo for the top of this post.

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