Sunne, Värmland, Sweden

From sinks to kitchens, I'm thinking of a fresh, clean slate as I put Christmas things away and enjoy some quiet, uncluttered space. That's why Swedish style has such an appeal-- houses are designed to maximize the light of long winter days. The kitchen below looks like a perfect spot to start the day with a cup of coffee next to the stove or curled up on the window seat.

Definitely curled up on the window seat. Maybe near a topiary from last week.

{source unknown}

Or geraniums in clay pots.

Let's linger on the window seat a little longer and watch the sunrise:

As the picture above will attest, Sunne is known for wonderful fishing, hiking, camping, and skiing opportunities. For those stuck indoors, it's known for printing and packaging.

"Sunne is located at Europe's southernmost wilderness with magnificent scenery on the knot." 
For reference, it's the blue circle on the map below.

The listing is here, with its enticing title of Farm/Forestry for sale, just in case the 1909 farmhouse by the lake wasn't enticing enough.

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