Cressier NE, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

In a new-ish home in Switzerland, surrounded by vines, lives a storybook clock:

The painting on the clock evokes romantic, fairy tale imagery. Unfortunately, the room it guards does not. This space needs some enchantment, pronto.

A storytelling mural and quietly classic furniture would make this room a jewel box.

After all, the room needs to be worthy of its setting. Cressier is a tiny, heavily forested municipality at the foot of the Jura Mountains and the Thielle River. What isn't forest is orchard, pasture, or vineyard. 

As the listing says, "This village sees the sun rise on the lake of Bienne and lie down in the lake of Neuchâtel, having gilded the vines all the day."

{Condé Nast}

It's just as good as a story. Goodnight gilded vines. Goodnight romantic clocks. Goodnight Cressier.

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