Mellerud, Västra Götaland, Sweden

I think that when Marshall Watson designed the light and lovely Swedish dining room pictured below that he was secretly inspired by Mellerud and a house on the shores of Lake Vänern.

{Marshall Watson}

Our "before" dining room.

I don't know how anyone could help being inspired by Mellerud when the real estate photos alone make you want to write stories about a pig-tailed heroine living in the forest.

"Mellerud is something of miniature Sweden. In the east the coast line and Lake Vänern. In the west our mountain Kroppefjäll. In the south the agricultural district and the windmills. In the north the lakes, the forests and Dalslands Canal. If you really like fishing you will not be stopped by the lakes freezing."{source}

Mellerud is also known for the "Mellerud Special"- a sausage or hot dog wrapped in a waffle and topped with the following:
Mashed potatoes
Jam, either strawberry or lingonberry
Ketchup and mustard and
Bostongurka (pickle relish).

I would show a picture of it, but I'd rather leave on a pretty note.

{Fabricut's Quassia Mist, used for the dining room curtains.}

The listing is here. An enjoyable interview with Marshall Watson about Swedish style is here.

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