Vetlanda, Jönköping, Sweden

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've found a sweetheart of a house in Valentine's red.  Actually it's traditional Swedish Falu (or Falun) red for the town of Falun, northwest of Stockholm. The pigment comes from the copper mines there. Scraps of iron oxide and copper compounds were heated and combined with water, rye flour and linseed oil to make this super durable paint. 

About 5 hours due south of Falun lies Jönköping and this 1851 farmhouse with a cozy tiled stove bedroom:

It's Valentine's sweet, but I want to make it a bigger piece of eye candy:

{BH & G}

Despite offering bedrooms with romantic potential in picture-perfect red farmhouses, Vetlanda apparently doesn't go in for over the top Valentine's Day decorating. It would rather be known for this:

Vetlanda.A friendly and welcoming small size city. A nourishing countryside, bearing quality of personal touch. The ideal place for activities and enjoyment of the countryside. A municipality of sports for everyone. A prosperous business world focussing on wood and aluminium.

The listing is here


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