Iberville Cove, Lakeland, Tennessee

 You've just been handed the keys to the house of your dreams, in this case a French inspired chateau on a hill in Lakeland, Tennessee, and you're all set to put your own stamp on it. Swatches in hand, you eye your new terrain. Hmm, need to change the paint colors... update some light fixtures... and what about the kids' rooms? You've got big plans for them too.

Except your son really likes the existing map mural in his new room and wants to keep it.

How will it work with his old furniture? Not to mention his Beatles, rodeo, and race car interests?

Nope, that's not going to work. Maybe the answer is an overall travel theme. With a statement bed.

Too much of a statement. Ok, son, let's try this:

{Grant K. Gibson}

...but now you have to share the room with your sister. You stay on the Pacific side and she stays on the Atlantic. I hope that satisfies you, because the decorator in me really doesn't want to end up with this:

The listing is here.

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