Tremont Street, Lexington, Missouri

"Timeless Charm meets Modern Convenience" in this sweet Missouri home built in 1951. The tree shaded backyard arbor brings the charm; the fresh, new white kitchen speaks to modern convenience.

Meanwhile in the living room, the formal color scheme competes with the modern convenience of a television over the fireplace.

But that's easily fixed:

Now the timeless warmth of brown meets the modern happiness of World Market pillows. 

Oh. Wait a minute. I thought I was done, but I just came across this image:

{Kristin Panitch}

Pretty nice, right? Ok, so we'll say that my re-do was the budget makeover (which it really was) and this room by Kristin is the luxe upgrade. Copper-lined bookcases! How cool is that idea?!

Lexington was the site of the Civil War Battle of the Hemp Bales "that raised Southern spirits that the war was winnable and made Unionists in Missouri think twice about whether they could hold the state." {source} History is rich in Lexington, and I enjoyed virtually poking around Oliver Anderson's house and the Linwood Lawn Mansion. Lexington has timeless charm in spades!

The listing is here.

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