Florence Baker House, Cherry Street, Eufaula, Alabama

Hey, Vicki, the listing whispered. I'm an 1860's Folk-Victorian home, painted cherry red with lacy gingerbread trim on, appropriately enough, Cherry Street. Ok listing, I'm listening.

My sweeping front porch has floor to ceiling shutters, chunky white baluster railings and sweet cottage furniture with plump red cushions. Tell me more.

My kitchen has a charming jadeite sink, and ample display space for dish collections. 

Ok listing, you've got me. I need to see more of this house.

Hello, little sunroom with your transom windows.

Aren't you cute? Just not quite as cute as you could be:

And then we come to the foyer. The very sober foyer that's not nearly as cheery as the rest of the house.

It should get a little Jenny Rose-Innes rosy cheerfulness, too:

The listing says it was built by a Captain Foy, and the National Register of Historic Places calls it the Florence Baker House, but do you think I could find out any more about those specific people? I could not. Instead I found out about The Tree That Owns Itself, and that Eufaula stood in for Pigeon Creek in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

I think this little house likes having its mysteries.  If you find it as alluring as I do, maybe it will whisper some of its secrets to you.

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