W.H. Everhardt House, College Street, Bowling Green, Kentucky

MCS. Mural Coveting Syndrome. I apparently have it. I squint at my dining room walls with grand  mural visions and my 50's California ranch says it wants none of my nonsense. 

That's why I blog! Just look at this dining room, will you?

You'd be tempted to go stodgy-traditional in this room, but how about tradition without the stodge?

I love that green settee-- it doesn't need to be there, and it doesn't really go with the room, and yet it just makes it. It breaks up any possibility of stodge (which really should be a word). Ditto the double chandeliers.

But wait, there's more! If you're like me, you peeked at that fireplace in the top image and wanted to see more of that room too.

I'll pair this room with one of my favorites, from antiques dealer Douglas Stocks' home:

I would've painted the blue trim white, but you know, it kind of works with the blue ottoman.  Serendipity!

This home is the W. H. Everhardt House, built in 1879. The land for the house was gifted to Margaret and Captain W.H. Everhardt by Margaret's parents, who conveniently lived right next door.  The house is on the National Register of Historic Places. The front columns were added by a subsequent owner in the early 1900's. I also found this groovy historical photo that dates a little later:

The listing is here.

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