Main Street, Murfreesboro, Arkansas

"Do you have a love of historic properties & a vision to make this property grand again?" asks the real estate listing. 

Yes and yes.

This house definitely wants to be grand again. I can picture it with pretty statement fabric to balance and compliment the woodwork and a round table as an entry feature and to play off the curve of the windows.

I also added a built-in bench to create more of a foyer area right by the front door. I like how it bridges the space between the beautiful door and the window trim.

Here are my inspiration designs:

{source and source}

I really love that William Morris Kelmscott fabric. Is it just me, or are his prints having a resurgence lately? 

{Architectural Digest, March 2019}

{Country Living, March 2019}

{from H&M's current William Morris clothing collection}

Just be careful with that last one -- a little Morris can go a long way:


Update: Standen House in Swindon, West Sussex, England is having a special William Morris exhibition through November, 2019. Definitely worth a visit to see gems like the drawing room, morning room, conservatory and bedrooms in a magnificent hillside garden setting. 

The listing is here.

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