Lake Drive, Laurel, Delaware

My friend Julia over at Hooked on Houses has a thing for what she calls Father of the Bride houses. I do too. I think a lot of us are hooked on the classic look of a symmetrical two-story white house with black shutters. If it looks slightly well-loved and old-fashioned (this one was built in 1943-- the book Father of the Bride was published in 1949) and has twin trees forming a canopy in the front yard, all the better.

This is the sweet dining room, next to the foyer. It's a little more casual in here because the homeowners put their larger, more formal table in the sunroom. You can catch a glimpse of it behind the kitchen. Here's a better view:

That view in the distance is of Records Pond. I'll show you a better picture of it later.

This dining area is very pretty. Why do I want to redo it? Because I found this picture:

{source unknown} 

Once I found that picture, I knew I could turn this:

Into something like this:

We have all that space and light; let's use it. Make this room more of a destination.

To make it airier, I tried "re-painting"the walls in both Glidden Minimalist White and Marshmallow White. However, every time  I painted the ceiling, Glidden decided that the white walls were gray. But then I put it all together and realized, "I'm not mad at that."

We could also lighten the finishes on the counter stools and console table to complement the table.

And now, Records Pond:

"Records Pond (also called Laurel Lake by locals) offers a variety of gamefish species and fishing situations from deep areas with rip-rapped banks in the lower end of the pond, to the quiet, over-grown streams of the headwater tributaries." {source}

What the heck are 'rip-rapped' banks? Anyone know? I'm also intrigued by the Creek Chubsucker fishing situation. (I spent too long on the Complete Fish website.)

If you're as intrigued as I am, the listing is here.

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