Lake Drive, Starke, Florida

Apparently I can't feature a house now unless it's on Lake Drive, and it's not even Memorial Day yet. I must be ready to dive into summer vacation and my annual lakehouse dreams.

Today's dream candidate is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house built in 2010 that overlooks Kingsley Lake in Starke, Florida.

Stark seems somewhat appropriate when it comes to the master bathroom. It has pretty finishes-- just not enough of them.

The little mirror between the sinks means when you get ready in the mornings, you stand at an angle. A shorty like me would also be on tippy-toes.

I would suggest merely changing the mirror and paint colors, but, budget be darned, what I would really want to do to upgrade the bathroom is this:

{source unknown}

Light and bright, no more asymmetry, no more tippy-toes. The new window better matches the living room's clerestory windows, to boot.

And now, Kingsley Lake:

As you can see, Kingsley Lake is an almost perfectly circular natural lake. It's thought to have been created by a sinkhole. It must have been one heck of a sinkhole, as the lake is 2,000 acres and has a depth of 90 feet. It seems to have first shown up on a government survey in 1831 as "an open lake, which seems to be round," and there are legends suggesting early Indian settlements there. {source}

Fortunately, that sinkhole also created a spot for fishing, water-skiing and tubing, as well as a fun, tightly-knit community intent on learning as much as they can about the lake's history and preserving its beauty for generations to come. 

The listing is here.


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