Poppleton Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska

Poppleton is where the sleek kitchens and bathrooms of 2019 meet the Early American style of 1957.

A good example of 1957 design meeting 2019 is in this hallway. Let's continue it in the living room:

Designer Colette van den Thillart for the win! This is her London home circa 2011. But an equally good fit for our living room is from her Toronto home circa 2012.

And, because you're like me, you'll want to see her newest living room, circa 2018, mostly to check out how she was able to re-use things from her previous homes in her new house.

For a video tour of this home, (where it looks even different!) click here. For a tour of her Ontario cottage, click here. Or, for just a nice, in-depth look at her work, click here. It's a long weekend; you've got time to enjoy a little extra eye candy.

If you still have time to kill, you can read about Andrew Jackson Poppleton, for whom Poppleton Avenue was named. Or you can just read a book about another famous Poppleton...

...since he's obviously as into naps and decorating as we are.

The listing is here.

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