Schloss Sauerburg, Hessen, Germany

This is Germany's Sauerburg Castle. And yes, it's for sale. Located in the "upper middle" part of the Rhine Valley, Sauerburg sits on a hilltop overlooking the village of Sauerthal. 

It was built between 1355 and 1361 and served as an administrative center of sorts, as well as a hunting lodge.

In 1689 French troops under Louis XIV set fire to it, leaving it in ruins for centuries. In 2004, renovations were made to make parts of the castle usable again. You can get a better sense of what was done from the photo below:

Today the castle is rented out for wedding receptions and medieval marketplaces -- of course!

And, luckily for us, some of the castle is also used as a hotel, which means prettily decorated rooms like this:

Dining by candlelight shimmering on 14th century stone walls:

...and bedrooms fit for princesses, like this:

...and rooms just waiting for an "if it were mine" makeover, like this one:

It's very serene, but it needs a little more princess-poshness.

The listing is here in case you're looking for a turret to call your own. Or a banquet hall. Or a chapel. You get the idea.

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