Anne Heche's House, Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles, California

According to The Oracle of Bacon, there are only two degrees of separation between actresses Anne Heche and Reese Witherspoon-- they both starred in movies with actor William H. Macy. (Anne in Wag the Dog; Reese in Pleasantville.)

But when it comes to decorating, I suspect Anne's style is a little closer to Macy's than Witherspoon's. Case in point below:

Here's the house description from Variety:
"...the two-story Tuscan-inspired Mediterranean villa was built in 2009 behind a shoulder-high privacy hedge and secured entry gates with five bedrooms and five bathrooms in close to 4,700 square feet done up in an eclectic, boho-glam decorative scheme that features a couple of eye-catching exotic light fixtures and a fetching plethora of intricately patterned antique rugs." 

Here's how the family room was "done-up":

...And here's Reese Witherspoon's former family room for the "do-over":

This is Anne's living room:

Instead of boho-glam, I suggest a little NoHo-glam-- it is in North Hollywood, after all.

The listing is here, in case you're seeking zero degrees of separation between yourself and a little bit of celebrity.

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