Congress Street, York, South Carolina

Here's a typical blogging scenario for me. I search for "charming small towns in South Carolina" and get a nice list.

I look at the first town's real estate listings. Usually I see gray "flipper" living rooms, but sometimes there are pictures like an angry dog guarding a shack, or a person looking into a well.

And then I see the something that makes all those flippers, dogs and wells worth it. In this case, an 1845 store building with lovely Victorian living quarters upstairs. Let's explore it!

Pretty, right? So which room would I change, if it were mine? This kitchen...

...and I would only change it because with this house's color scheme, there is one designer that seems perfect for the job, South Carolina's own Amelia Handegan.

Amelia is so talented with color, and her rooms are always impeccable. I want to start a fan club for her called the Fandegans. 

Now, back to our exploring! Here are the shop spaces downstairs:

There's a great opportunity here for the right person. The listing says the retail building is also zoned for use as a bed & breakfast, restaurant, office or event space. 

Meanwhile, I'll think I'll work on another blogging opportunity. Let's see, inspiration for guard dogs and wishing well makeovers...

...I think I've found it.

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