Byards Point Road, Sargentville, Maine

Some people just have a way with words. In this case, it's a listing agent who penned, "Lovingly restored and updated circa 1900's schoolhouse and charming writer's cottage on 10+ wooded acres."

That was all I needed to read. This post is going to write itself.

I don't even need to show you the pictures to sell you on the house, do I? Well, yes I do, because describing an enchanting vestibule mural of animals and folk art motifs doesn't convey the 1,000 words worth of this image:

While the house pays homage to its past, it does so quietly. There are no maps or globes or anything cliché-- just thoughtful design that needs little embellishment, as demonstrated by the kitchen:

In here I would like to add a marble counter or table under the left window, add brass hardware, and perhaps darken the green color of the cabinets. Something a little like this:

{source unknown}

The pantry of course would be styled... 

...because it's too cute not to show off:

{Heather Chadduck}

The living room again suggests a simple design...

Something along the lines of Nancy Fishelson's work:

The house has 3 bedrooms. This sweet floral-papered one is my favorite, and it's easy to imagine decorating it in a style similar to Cameron Ruppert's.

Now, about that charming writer's cottage... could use a little characterization, like so:

If it were mine, that basket might be big enough for all my crumpled up drafts. 

Just think, when the schoolhouse was first built, the village of Sargentville looked like this:

Actually, it still looks a lot like that.

The listing is here, but it caught my eye, appropriately enough, on Old House Dreams


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