Foster House, Las Cruces Drive, Sherman Oaks, California

You know how when people build unique architectural masterpieces, they usually have the same architectural firm design the interiors? There's a reason for that, and it has a little something to do with Bob Hope.

In 1969, Bob and Dolores Hope hired the renowned architect John Lautner to design their Palm Springs home. They had admired his nearby Elrod house -- and they weren't the only ones in Hollywood who did. It was featured in the 1971 James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever.

When Lautner and his team completed Hope's house in 1980, it was equally stunning. On the outside, at least.

As for the inside, well, it was completed in 1980. Think glamorous. Swan faucets. " and pink and black and mirrors everywhere." Needless to say, those weren't Lautner's picks. {source}

It turns out that quite a few of Lautner's houses have more going for them on the outside than on the inside. What about the much smaller (1,200 square feet) 1950 Foster House?

I'd venture a guess that it wasn't professionally decorated, either. But luckily for us, the house came on the market this week, and the rooms are empty.

It's time to call in a professional like Waldo Fernandez.

I used 3 different rooms by Waldo to create the look. His design below was my overall inspiration, because it's obvious the man knows his way around a Lautner house.

{Segel House, source}

After all, the interiors have to be equal to Lautner's "striking spatial adagios, avant-garde engineering, sculptural applications of wood and concrete, and a kind of organic spirit that feels at once primitive and futuristic." In other words, swan faucets need not apply.

The listing is here.

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