Welcome Island, Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith, New Hampshire

One Welcome Island just might be the ultimate waterfront address. 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3,470 square feet, and your own private beach.  On your own private island.

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for this property, but it's certainly a showstopper now, from widow's walk to boathouse.

Here's how it looked in 2005, when it was slightly less ultimate:


Since it might prove a little tricky to find just the right buyer for a 1.8 million dollar home on an island, I thought maybe a little virtual room staging would help. Here's the living room 'before':

This is how I would spiff it up a little:

The staircase suggests sleek and curvy is the way to go in here. (A little hard to tell, but the rocky fireplace got a skim coat of plaster.)

My sleek and curvy source was this room designed by Francis D'Haene:

From a NYC apartment to a NH island.

A few of the other rooms do seem to have already gotten the sleek and curvy brief:

Welcome (formerly Wilcomb--which autocorrects to Welcome anyway) Island is on Lake Winnipesaukee... New Hampshire's largest lake at 72 square miles. The lake is home to at least 258 islands, with some claims of 276, and even up to 365, depending on who you ask and what they're trying to sell you.

Besides being a source of idyllic island housing, Lake Winnipesaukee has long been a inspiration to comedians, from The Three Stooges...

 Census taker: "Where was your birthplace?"
Curly: "Lake Winnipesaukee."
Census taker: "How do you spell that?" 
Curly: "Make it Lake Erie- I've got an uncle there."

...to Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake's rollicking Camp Winnipesaukee sketches:

Fittingly, this Saturday, July 20th is the 42nd annual Loon Festival across the lake from Welcome Island in Moultonborough.

The listing is here

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