11th Avenue, Rochester, Minnesota

Ah, back to school time. Our thoughts fondly turn to sharpened pencils, fresh new notebooks, and student rental houses.

TV, bookshelf, coffee table, couch. That image looks familiar to a lot of us, but here's a prettier upgrade that still can be budget-friendly:

Looks like Mom also had some pretty nice hand-me-downs.

We can give a little of of that attention to the bedroom as well. Here's the before...

...and what could happen with some temporary wallpaper and second-hand finds:

{source unknown}

...but picture the bedding a little more youthful-looking like this:

{Mark D. Sikes}

Now it's just a pretty place to study with no light strings or movie posters or signs encouraging you to Color Outside the Lines. (See Pinterest: dorm room ideas.)

Here's what I learned when I studied up on Rochester:

"Country doctor" W.W. Mayo emigrated from England to the U.S. in 1845, eventually ending up screening Civil War draftees in Rochester. {source

It's consistently named "A Best City to Live," and is the 2nd windiest city in America. (Wind speeds average 12.6 mph.)

It's part of the Driftless Area that was never glaciated during the last Ice Age. 

Wait, that's weird. Why did areas as far south as the Missouri and Ohio Rivers get covered by glaciers, but not Rochester? The short answer is that geographic features prevented it. The long answer involves vocabulary words like solifluction and algific talus slopes, in case I've inspired you to learn more on your own.

Should you wish to study on-site, the listing is here.


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