Grandview Drive, Ryegate, Vermont

I'm not a structural engineer. If there's one thing I can't stand on home remodeling shows, it's when they impulsively knock down walls, only to discover (usually right before commercial break) a hidden sewer pipe or that the wall was structural and now requires an expensive header beam to replace it.

That said, in this house, I'm knocking down some walls. I'm so impulsive.

The main part of the house was built around 1850, and there are two additions to the right. The first addition, housing the dining room and kitchen, opens off a breezeway porch:

 From this view we can see the kitchen tucked behind the dining room:

The kitchen currently looks like this...

...but in my head, it looks like this...

{Steven Gambrel}

...because if we removed the wall between it and the dining room, we'd get something grand like this:

I wasn't being impulsive when I picked that pretty gray-blue color scheme. (By the way, Glidden suggests Dresden Dream as the color match.) I was inspired by the living room...

...and then further inspired by its magazine-worthy match:

Ryegate, as the name implies, has plenty of pasture-land, and was well known for producing butter and leather (which kind of sounds like the name of a bad 1970's cop drama).

Just one hundred miles west of New Hampshire--the Granite State--Ryegate is also home to six granite quarries. It's also home to Ticklenaked Pond, which may explain how nearby Grandview Drive got its name. Just saying.

The pond withstanding, Grandview is certainly appropriate, both inside the house and out:

The listing is here. Feel free to offer your casting choices for a Butter and Leather re-boot in the comments.

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