Myggdalen, Nuuk, Greenland

So you want to buy Greenland property in Greenland? Who wouldn't fall for those colorful villages, shimmering fjords and majestic mountains?

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Granted, most of the time it looks a little more like this...

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...but as they say in Minnesota, winter is the best nine months of the year. Just imagine owning a  newly built home near the Labrador Sea with the Nuup Kangerlua fjord at your front door.  Glimpses of whales and waterfalls cascading down glaciers is quite a property perk. 

The house capitalizes on that with windows positioned like art gallery frames.

It seems like something that a world-renowned architect would design:

There's an equal opportunity for another clean-lined and comfortable living room downstairs:

Nuuk (meaning "cape") is Greenland's capital and started as a fishing settlement around 2200 BC. While still honoring its Inuit heritage, it has become a thriving cultural center with trendy restaurants, boutiques, and houses that resemble art galleries.

{Emanuel A. Petersen source}

The listing is here.
A similar house designed by Hugh Newell Jacobsen, "the White House in Voorschoten" in the Netherlands is for sale here.


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