Rio Colorado, Boerne, Texas

Welcome to Boerne, "the natural home of the goat-raiser," according to an old promotional brochure. In a curve of the Guadalupe River in Hill Country, Boerne is one of those charming Texas towns with Main Street shopping, historic sites, river recreation, and German festivals. 

Our featured house could be its own promotion for Boerne. Built in the 1850's, this farmhouse with thick limestone walls and metal roof is on 12 acres with an orchard, bunkhouse, and windmill.

Its front porch is as welcoming as you would expect:

Well, maybe we could make it a touch more welcoming:

In this great setting, how do you make the interiors live up to the exteriors? Hint, this current bedroom doesn't exactly do it...

...but this bedroom would:

My re-do was inspired by these talented folks:

{1,  2,  3}

Just think, if you bought this farmhouse now, you'd have a perfect home base just in time for the famous Round Top Antiques Fair at the end of September.  And plenty of time to start that goat-raising.

The listing is here.

This is my 200th post! You readers have made this a fun place to be, with your encouragement and the friendships we've made along the way. Thank you so much for daydreaming about houses with me!


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