Ryan Murphy's House, Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, California

Writer and producer Ryan Murphy is selling his house formerly owned by Diane Keaton. And when your house was styled by Diane Keaton, you gotta expect a little quirky. Just maybe not this much quirky:

The house was designed by architect Ralph Flewelling in the 1920's, and I suspect those statues are original to the house. Diane fell for the place because its courtyard reminded her of the courtyards she saw visiting California missions when she was young. She added more arches. I'd add more glamour:

I was inspired by Cathy Kincaid and Neiman Marcus.

It appears that Ryan bought the house fully furnished and hasn't changed very much. Below is a view of Diane's library and dining room when it was featured in Architectural Digest.

Below are current listing photos. It appears they have similar tastes in books.

There are a few more changes between their 2 living rooms- Diane's is on the left, Ryan's on the right:

The kitchen still looks like this:

The biggest change seems to be in the master. Again, Diane's is on the left, Ryan's on the right:

The most unchanged, and very best, view for any owner though, has to be this one:

The Beverly Hills house is listed for $17.995 million, is over 9,000 square feet, and has 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Ryan Murphy bought the house for $10 million nine years ago. Ryan is known for Glee, American Horror Story, and Eat Pray Love. He's currently behind Netflix's The Politician, which people are calling a mix between Glee and Election or a Glee episode about Richard Nixon. Sounds entertaining!

If you're entertaining a notion for this beautiful, slightly quirky house, the listing is here.
The Architectural Digest feature on the house is here.


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