Route 537, Colts Neck, New Jersey

They say a stranger is just a friend you haven't met. So, this is my friend's house. I don't know her yet, but my friend likes to decorate with blue and white pottery, crisp gingham curtains and old paintings. Take a peek at her house and I think you'll like her too.

Pretty, right? Love those wide plank pine floors. 

My imaginary friend doesn't know it, but she asked me for help with her living room. It's just not as finished as the other rooms.

What are friends for?

Can you imagine the room with an Oriental rug like in the master bedroom? So warm and inviting, and perfect for this 1910 home.

Just as perfect as this puppy standing guard...

...and the backyard garden. 

In addition to imaginary friends, Colts Neck offers a beautiful imaginary life. One where you know how to ride a horse because you're surrounded by equestrian farms and stables. A 535 acre recreation area is basically in your own backyard.You'll eat meals in the fields with friends at really long tables and become very knowledgeable about wine.

You'll drive past Jon Stewart's animal sanctuary and circa 1777 manor house at Hockhockson Farm on your way to town and nod to neighbor Bruce Springsteen at the farmer's market. Maybe my friend will introduce you.

If all those possibilities aren't exciting enough, Colts Neck is only an hour's trip to New York or Philadelphia, or 45 minutes to the Jersey Shore.

To make all of those things a reality, the listing is here.

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