1860's Church, Main Street, Fair Haven, Vermont

 In real estate there are rooms that need staging and others that resemble stage sets. This one is both.

It needs the attention of someone who pays attention to the tiniest details:

I love this design because the way she dressed the windows echoes the doors and color in the foyer:

Here is the rest of Becky's design for her Southern Living Showcase room:

Borrowing a few of those inspiring details might also help us set the stage for Christmas...

...or maybe a new hobby, in case you like to stage tiny details, too:

Our stage set is a circa 1860's Methodist Church that was converted to a house in 1988. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths in 2,144 square feet, but the second floor is "912 square feet of blank canvas." It's also partially commercially zoned, furthering that whole blank canvas idea.

Fair Haven, the "Slate Center of the Nation," is also considered Vermont's Western Gateway, on the border of New York. It's also known for 19th century architecture and pretty Half Moon State Park. If you visit, you may even get lucky and get to meet Lincoln, the mayor. He's a goat.

To set the stage for your Fair Haven adventures, the listing is here.

P.S. If you like dollhouses that are inspired by architecture, here's one based on Rainham Hall.

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