Cottingham Circle, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Anyone feel like heading for Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie? I found a dining room and some designers that can dish up a quite a treat.

Come on in to this glowing, gallery-white 2002 Colonial and have a look around.  Better take your shoes off, first.

Here's an enhanced first impression of that view:

Continuing in the dining room...

Let's take a closer look at what could be:


 Here's another angle:

 Across the hall is the living room...

...or this living room:

Finally, here is the family room...

...which could be this family room:

All of the inspiration designs are courtesy of designer Richard Ouellette and architect Maxime Vandal of Les Ensembliers. Not only are they familiar with glowing, gallery-like spaces, they're pros with glowing, gallery-worthy deserts:

Who needs pumpkin pie when you can have a chocolate-caramel cake roll?

Cranberry Township is about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh.  It was named for the wild cranberries that grew along the banks of Brush Creek. They're not there anymore, but like our designers, we can still be berry inspired for the holidays.

The listing is here.


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