Hartford Avenue, Wethersfield, Connecticut

 If a town could be a color, Wethersfield, Connecticut would be red.

In addition to the Comstock, Ferre & Company Seed Company which pioneered the selling of packaged seeds...

...Wethersfield was the center of onion trade in New England for over a century, because of the celebrated Wethersfield red onion.

It's also the setting for the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond, which, indeed, features the red onion. (Spoiler alert: the heroine is saved by an onion poultice.)

It seems only fitting that this 1924 four bedroom, three bath Colonial house sports the shade:

It's almost a patriotic duty to find a design to work with that wallpaper:

My inspiration came from Ballard Designs:

{The picture links to the Chianni Trestle Table, not those fun chairs}

Hmm, red looks pretty good when it's offset by blue. Luckily for us, the house just happens to be adjacent to the beautifully blue Wethersfield Cove.

The listing is here.

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