Pineapple Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York

"A silvery gray shingled-wood Colonial shaded by trees robustly leafed..." is how Truman Capote described this circa 1822 house in 1959.  In 2019 it's still silvery gray, but now it's been robustly re-decorated for the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse.

Perhaps due to Truman Capote, the house is shadowed with stories of ghosts and ship captains, which in turn inspired the dining room re-do below:

{Harry Heissmann}

Here is the more sedate but still nautical before:

The coordinating living room before...

...met some undulating waves in a more land-based color scheme:

 {Justin Scott}

Similarly, this upstairs bedroom...

...was recreated for a "modern-day goddess" to create an "access point between the old and the new."

{Ascher Davis Architects/ Mahwish Syed Designs}

Another designer inspired by earth tones created this downstairs family room...

 {Mikel Welch}
...from this much plainer before version:

Not to be left out are this cute bathroom before and after...

{Kim Tomasino} well as a cozy courtyard refresh:

{Bromley Landscape Design}

So, when I picked a room to re-design as if it were mine, I had lots of inspiration to guide me.

My modern-day goddess likes both earth tones and hints of past sea captains:

{Victoria Hagen}

Now that this almost 200 year old house has been freshly re-designed, it has even more good stories ahead.

The house isn't currently for sale, but the before photos are here.
More showhouse photos are here.
A nicely researched story about the house is here.


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