Elfvik Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden

I think I've found Santa's house. See, this is where he feeds the reindeer...

...and he keeps a bright copper kettle in his kitchen.

He has spacious seating areas for all the elves...

...and a cozy breakfast area by the stove.

When he has time to decorate, it looks like this:

This is his view when he comes in for a sleigh landing:

When he tiptoes through the quiet living room up the stairs to bed...

...he admires his reflection, but wishes things were a bit cozier for a long winter's nap.

But maybe the elves gave him a little present while he was out:

Hmm, maybe now Santa will change the name from Elfvik to ElfVick.

Elfvik (outlined in red on the map below) is the "east tip of the northern part of the horse shoe" on the island of Lindigö.  In the eastern tip of the eastern tip is the Långängen-Elvik nature park and homes dating to the 18th century.

The beautiful seascape and forested  landscapes have attracted other famous residents than Santa, like Benny Andersson from Abba. (My daughter Caroline will like knowing that.) I just like the fact that Elfvik is appropriately near Trolldalen.

Merry Christmas!

The listing is here.

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